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ADMETOS RULER SHIPS IN MEDICAL ASTROLOGY Because I have Admetos opposite my Jupiter in my natal chart in a very tight orb of.
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The beginning and the end the wheel of life , real estate, the few, death. According to Margaret Lang-Wescott, Admetos-Mercury connections as example could indicate either limited thinking, or deep thinking. Small groups, marriage, families.

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A few positive meanings for this planet include healing of disease and is frequently found in the charts of health professionals. Service, in the highest or lowest sense. Mountains, airships, leaders, executives, the government and government officials, nobility, mastery, fathers, independence.

Demands tend to feel heavy and restrictive, the idea of being between a rock and a hard place can be described through this energy. Delays and obstacles are the norm when these two energies combine. Like all energies there is a good and a bad side to Admetus. The obvious is that it is restrictive and filled with obstacles and delays but it also allows a person to dig their heels in and to be and remain firm to persevere through whatever situation life will bring you.

Astrology: ADMETOS (uranian planet)

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